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The Wave is a natural healing business that provides crystals, crystal jewelry, herbal bath salts, and essential oils to balance the chakras (or energy centers) in your body!

Growing up in Detroit, I noticed a massive & disproportionate amount of people in my community suffer from lifestyle related illnesses. I saw that there are systematic barriers that heavily affect both the physical & mental health of BIPOC populations. I thought a great place to begin healing these imbalances would be with crystal healing and chakra alignment. Chakras are energy centers in your body, each associated with specific organs as well as physical, emotional, and spiritual states of being.With The Wave- my goal is to help people heal any imbalances in their body & energetic field that may cause mental or physical dis-ease. To do this- we provide natural, environmentally conscious, and helpful products to balance your chakras.

Instagram/ Twitter/ Facebook: @thewavehealing